Custom Synthesis


K.M. Pharma Solution Private Limited has a team of super excellence professionals with, and Ph.D. degree in chemistry, as well as excellent laboratory and pilot technicians. With a wide variety of synthesis and research experience, and having a good relationship with some famous Indian universities, research institutions and laboratories, K.M. Pharma Solution Private Limited offers custom synthesis for any kinds of APIs & Intermediates, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Chemical Building Blocks & Novel Organic Compounds.

We offer competitive prices and shortest lead time for custom synthesis. Custom made compounds are usually delivered within three to four weeks if it is a two- or three-step synthesis and in one kilogram quantity or less. We will keep purchaser informed of the progress of project.


Catalytic Hydrogenations

Friedel-Crafts Reaction

Grignard Reactions

Halogenations (Fluorination,Bromination and Chlorination)

Quinoline and iso-quinoline Analogs Synthesis


Oxidation and Reduction

Palladium Catalyzed Chemistry


Wittig Reactions